Discussing the Untranslatable and World Literature

In case anyone wonders what academics do during the summer, read on!  This week, the Program in Comparative Humanities is hosting a faculty reading seminar on the topics of Untranslatability and World Literature.  We are nearing the halfway mark.  If you want to take a look at the course outline, readings, discussions, and my thoughts, look here.  This is definitely a work in progress, but the discussions we are having are lively!

Thanks to the Provost’s office at Bucknell University for providing the funding for this event.  We have been holding summer reading seminars in Comparative Humanities since the inception of the program in 2001.  Topics have included Film and Adaptation, Translation, Integrating Islam into Core Courses, the Philosophy of Place, Close Reading, Digital Humanities, and this year, Untranslatability.


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