Moravian Materials

Over the last 25 years I have transcribed many materials from the Moravian Archives, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Moravian Archives, Church House, Muswell Hill, London, United Kingdom; and the Unity Archives in Herrnhut, Germany.  Materials are reproduced with the permission of the Moravian Archives, Bethlehem, PA.

Here are some of the files that may be used within the bounds of the Creative Commons license for the research purposes of fellow scholars.  All work is protected by the Creative Commons License.  If you wish to cite this work, please give correct attribution to

A German language transcription of women’s memoirs from 18th century Moravian Bethlehem.  These are the originals of the Lebensläufe included in my Moravian Women’s Memoirs: their Related Lives, 1750-1820 (Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 1997).

A German language transcription of selected men’s memoirs from 18th century Moravian Bethlehem.  These are the originals of Lebensläufe that have been translated and appeared in various different print locations.

Transcription of the Instructions to the Choir Helpers of the Married Choirs (1785-6).  A translation of these Instructions is the subject of my forthcoming volume, Instructions for Body and Soul: Eighteenth Century Moravian Pastoral Care with Penn State Press.

If you have any questions about this material, please contact me at

< faull {at} bucknell {dot} edu >

Creative Commons License
Collected research by Katherine Faull is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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