Editorial Marks

Existing Editorial Policy for the Collection of Lebensläufe from Eighteenth­Century Bethlehem,  Pa

<  >                               cancelled matter

{  }                                linear inserted matter

{   }                               marginal inserted matter

II  II                             unrecovered matter (three dots per word; two dots for part of a word, four dots for more than one word)

<II  II>                         unrecovered cancelled matter

<{  }>                          cancelled linear inserted matter

<{  }>                          cancelled marginal inserted matter

{II II}                            cancelled matter conjecturally recovered

<{II  II}>                      cancelled  linear insertion conjecturally recovered

<{II  II}>                      cancelled marginal insertion conjecturally recovered

[..]                              author’s brackets

[  ]                              editorial insertion

*                                 author’s footnote

+                                editor’s footnote

///                               end of page


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